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Remains identified for burial in central Ky. veterans cemetery
Posted: Feb 08, 2010 8:16 PM PST
Louisville area volunteers with the Missing in America project have matched the remains of 32 veterans and nine spouses with military records. Their work will allow the 41 people to be buried or entombed in the central Kentucky veterans cemetery in Radcliff in mid-June.

The volunteers’ work started with the 2008 discovery of about 200 sets of cremated remains found vandalized in the now-closed Eastern Cemetery in Louisville’s Phoenix Hill neighborhood.

Some of the ashes and bone fragments had been scattered or removed.

Missing in America volunteers took custody of 41 remains from University of Louisville on February 8, 2010. Louisville Memorial Gardens will hold them temporarily until a formal ceremony at Radcliff.

If you recognize any of these names or have questions, contact Dale LeMond of Missing in America at 502-376-1755 for more information.

Here are the names, branch of service and era of service for those people. Spellings and other information are as provided by Missing in America volunteers and Louisville Memorial Gardens.

*indicates wife (spouse) of the service member listed immediately above.

1. Pvt. William L. Adams Jr., Army, WWII

2. Sgt. Ralph J. Auriemma, Army, WWII

3. Betty French Auriemma*

4. TSgt. Edgar M. Campbell, Army, WWII

5. Pvt. William Cohn, Army, WWI

6. Selma G. Cohn*

7. SSgt. James W. Crabb, Army, WWII

8. Pvt. Ollie A. Dean a/k/a/ Cyril Anthony Olliges, Army, Post-Korea

9. Cpl. Elmer C. Deters, Army, WWII

10. Sgt. Dewey G. Detwiller, Army, WWI (or perhaps Detwiler)

11. Grace A. Detwiller* (or perhaps Detwiler)

12. Tech 5 James C. Donovan, Army, WWII

13. Pvt. William Dorsey, Army, WWII

14. SSgt. Newel T. Fiske, Army, WWII

15. Pvt. William C. French, Army, WWII

16. Pvt. Harold W. Gauldin, Marine Corps, WWI

17. Billie N. Gauldin*

18. Maj. Walter F. Harrell, Army, WWII

19. Mary F. Harrell*

20. Pvt. Hubert H. Hevey Jr., Army WWII

21. Pvt. James L. Hill, Army, Korea

22. QM3 Calvert J. Hinton, Navy, WWII

23. SP3 David E. Johnson, Army, Korea

24. TSgt. George F. Kiewert Jr., Army, WWII

25. Tech 5 Kenneth M. Kimbel, Army, WWII

26. Evelyn A. Kimbel*

27. Pvt. Theodore A. Kuersteiner, Army, WWI

28. Marguerite A. Kuersteiner*

29. SSgt. Benard H. Lutz, Army, WWII

30. PFC James A. McEwan, Army, WWI

31. Sgt. 1st Class Andrew F. McGlasson, Army, WWI

32. Sgt. Thomas W. Nelms, Army, WWI

33. Catheine S. Nelms*

34. Lt. John L. Newman, Navy, WWII

35. 1st Lt. Aurthur K. Ouerbacker, Army, WWI

36. Cpl. Leo S. Rosa, Army, WWII

37. Tech 4 Charles W. Taylor, Army, WWII

38. SSgt. Ronald J. Tharp, Air Force, Korea

39. Pvt. Clifford Trout, Army, WWII

40. PFC Allan J. Vaughan, Army, WWII

41. Mary M. Vaughan*

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