In Honor of Lillian Ellis (7 yrs old)

It is with great sadness that I forward to you the following message.


I want to inform you that Lillian passed away this evening 21st Nov from complications from the kidney transplant that she went thru yesterday, Fred we gave Her a day she well take on into eternity THANK YOU very much for your support, and giving that day to Her.
A friend always,

Life is a challenge on how we travel down that high way we call life, with all the bumps, road blocks, curves, intersections, dead ends, and road hazards we have to pass through to get to our destination.
My little angle Lilly finely arrived at her final destination. Her road was very bumpy and it was filled with all the hazards of the road that we face and travel everyday.
On 20th of November Lilly started her trip home she was going to receive her new kidney and she was excited for a little girl. She didn’t want to ride on the gurney to the pre-op she wanted to walk, and that’s what she did.
The surgery started off great, then God started to talk to her and she listened. Then he took her by the hand and started that long walk home into eternity where she walks with Him in no pain, and plays like normal kids, and dances like a ballerina. But most of all she is a queen; where here on earth, for one day, she was a princess, Princess Lillian who touched many hearts with her beautiful smile.

I setting hear thinking of what I could have done different. I really believe with all my heart that we gave her a day that she carried into eternity, a day that I well never forget; I want to thank each and every one of you that supported me in giving her this day, and supporting The Wal-Mart Heart Program!

A friend always,

Subject: Lillian Ellis Support Ride – Sept 12, 2009 (Original Escort Request)
Most of you know that I was born and raised in Mt. Shasta. High School friends have contacted me requesting a special showing of support and help in escorting a 7 year old girl with kidney disease to a special fund raiser in Yreka. This is particularly close to my heart as I only have one kidney and it works at only 32% effectiveness. As most of you know that does not leave me a full deck to work with (lol). I hope that when I have to follow in this girls footsteps with dialysis and transplant, I can bear it as well as she. She has been on the Kidney donor’s list for years with no results yet.

Her Grandparents were pioneers with my family to the Mt. Shasta area. Our efforts in escorting for Travis Woods and my mother did not go unnoticed in Mt Shasta.

We are being asked to present a Patriotic presence in Mt Shasta and fall in line with a CHP lead. The Mount Shasta CHP will lead to the Weed Rest Area, where a Yreka CHP will take over.

We will then be asked to take part in a ceremony in Yreka.

This is purely a volunteer request for hopefully a beautiful ride and the satisfaction of a feel good effort.

Lillian has braved this adversity with a spirit we should all have. Her family is in financial difficulty from medical costs. I and hopefully some of you will ride to support Lillian and her family.

Fred Salanti

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