After Action Report Oklahoma – Gary P. Watson

Great Service Today,

Thank You, Jeff ‘Twister’ Brown, for stepping up to the plate and getting this ball rolling here in Oklahoma. The family of this great veteran, our brother, were obviously very appreciative of the efforts of so many. After 3 years, their beloved finally received the Honor and Respect he so richly deserved.

It was also rewarding to see so many we have not had the chance to see for quite some time. Danny’s new knee, Roo’s new face, and so so many other long time friends. The friends from the Horsemen, those from Rolling Thunder, that laker rat guy, pappa, Cal: all there for one purpose and one purpose only; to Honor and Respect a deserving Veteran.

Keep it up Jeff, we need and hope to find all who are waiting on a shelf somewhere, or on a mantle, or in a garage, or in a storage unit.

Serious Kudos to you and the entire MIAP team.

roy wells

Thanks to all:
Fred Salanti

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